Who are we?

In 2015, Dereja was born with the aim of solving what we believe to be one of the most dire issues we face in Ethiopia, Youth Unemployment! is a social enterprise of Info Mind Solutions PLC. ( Established in 2017, we are dedicated to supporting the over 200,000 fresh graduates entering the labor force in starting their careers on the right path. Every year fresh graduates enter a job market that has negative preconceptions about their abilities, this is where Dereja steps in. A major part of is to address the evident lack of guidance and career resources available for university students and junior-level professionals through our three interventions:

  • 1 (digital portal): An online portal built to link students to employment information.
  • 2
    Dereja Academy: A 3-month accelerator program built for graduating year students. The program is set to develop fresh graduates in topics that don’t get covered during their schooling such as Personal Development, Communication skills, Emotional Intelligence, and Critical thinking.
  • 3
    Career Expo and Career Expo Clinic: Serves as an offline employment linkage tool that assists graduates in finding jobs before their graduation date by bringing employers to their institutions whom they would not typically have access to, giving them a chance to meet potential employers in person and create a good first impression.

Through our partnership with Mastercard Foundation, we here at are proud to be part of the solution to the employment of young people within Ethiopia and improve the overall socioeconomic status of the nation.

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Mission and values

As a thought leader, we aim to provide solutions to youth unemployment by implementing innovative and effective methods to improve the socio-economic well-being across the nation. We strive to create an educated and trained workforce who can successfully market themselves to the labour force, through a creative approach to the different problems they may face and apt for the existing job market. By enabling technology for better linkages and providing structural career guidance by building long lasting partnership with government institutions, developmental agencies, and employers to influence policies, systems and introduce implementable solutions for youth employment. Through our various programs we aim to create future leaders enhancing the demand of employers to recruit fresh graduates by developing programs such as Dereja Academy, internship and management trainee programs, fresh graduate placement and HR forums.

Our impact

Career Centers
National and Regional Career Centers
100 000+
Trained students
DAAP graduates
70 000+